Wallpaper Wednesday

This mad me LOL. But not because I’m a hipster, tight pants wearer, ironic LOL-er. More because I couldn’t help but wonder whether the dessert “Emotional Problems By Apple”, if it existed, would be made up using this little¬†guy.

I recommend not trying to make the “Flesh Eating Virus By Fudge” though, just cause I think it would be gross, and probably very messy.

From illustrator Gemma Correll via kottke.org


Wallpaper Wednesday

Cor blimey, have you seen the sun recently? It exists! I mean as unexcitable as I am about that guy in the sky (cue moan about transparent/translucent skin and burning, blah blah #irishskinproblems) I’m more excited about what that means for my diet/lifestyle. Snoozing, drinking beers by the canal (think more of picnic blankets than delinquencies and dropping bodies into the water) and eating ice cream.

I have no idea what flavour this ice cream is. Realistically it probably doesn’t even taste that good. BUT IT SURE AS HELL LOOKS GOOD. Happy sunshine bottled into a tasty treat for you to eat look at. You love it, don’t deny it.

From this little lady’s tumblr.

Wallpaper Wednesday

Last weekend I was a guest at what I can only describe as one of the most delightful parties I’ve ever attended. “A Fabulous Ladies Party” was how it was described, and it truely lived it up to its name. The champagne flowed, and many compliments were exchanged throughout the beautifully attired ladies. My oh my though, the FOOD. The day comprised of brunch, followed by afternoon tea, followed by evening snacks, and then finally a dessert selection to end all dessert selections.

But, I digress, the point is, I shall tell you all about this magical day once I’ve managed to upload the obscene amount of photos I took in good time. For now, I’ll leave you with an adorable dessert idea, in keeping with the tea party theme of the day, and almost as sweet looking as those we all munched delicately nibbled on (we are ladies after all).

Tea Party Cookies

From the ever inspiring Emily Schuman

Wallpaper Wednesday

Don’t these look like little sugar clouds?

I wish we would have had this kind of game at sports day instead of the egg race. Eggs shm-eggs, that was far too easy. Cue trumpets and the booming introduction to the world’s best keep-it-on-your-spoon race winner. Not like this loser, dropping his shizzle cubes everywhere.

From the unusual and creative friendlies at http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

Wallpaper Wednesday

Sometimes when I’m particularly sugar-crazed I’ll play with my food. How often do you get the opportunity to blow bubbles into your milkshake or draw the mona lisa with your spaghetti at 23? You must seize the metaphorical donut!

I commend you, surprised coffee man. You make me laugh (like this, to fully commit to this brilliant silly moment).

From Leonie and Broadsheet

Wallpaper Wednesday

If you were to imagine a very snooty British lady exclaiming this everytime you read it you’ll see why I like this photo so much.

It’s also a picture of a word. A word that is a food.

It works on many levels you see. SO MANY LEVELS.

By the way this is actually a real thing for sale here (another level).

Wallpaper Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what the things YOU’RE NOT MEANT TO MICROWAVE look like once you… have?

Cue this tumblr. Complete with the suitable before and after shots.

I honestly didn’t know which of these to pick for my wallpaper this week. That was until I saw the pretty, but gross (quite key here I believe), peach rings.


After their 30 seconds of microwave fame

I’m not sure if this is meant to be a stick-it-to-the-man-whaddaya-mean-i-can’t-microwave-your-face kind of website, but I dig it.

The bizarre and intriguing from http://microwhat.tumblr.com/