The Simple Things..



freshly made guacamole

A fresh baguette and some tasty meat (dentelles de coppa)

a chocolate-y breakfast treat

the picnic style eats that make me miss Paris..


New Mission


Mission: Attempting to combine two of the world’s best baked desserts, the brownie and the cheesecake, to create: THE BREESECAKE.

Initial Attempt:

Breesecake- take one

Assessment: Used two mediocre recipes. Brownie was too dry. Cheesecake was good.

Adjustments for next attempt: Use two new BETTER recipes.

Aoife out.

An addendum: It must be made clear I am not in any way attempting to take any credit for the concept of breesecake. If breesecake were to become a worldwide phenomenon it is a ‘s copyrighted product.