My Current Wishlist:

1. Vorwerk Thermomix

This shiny little number is an everything in one. It’s not just a simple blender. Oh no. This baby can heat things and lower the temperature of whatever it is you’re blending- it renders most other kitchen utensils and equipment unnecessary. Soup- Pow, done. Ice cream- Bam, done. Smoothie? Uh, yeah. Unfortunately… they are a little pricey (cough 500euro cough).

2. Ganache (jeddah duqqah)

I’m not usually a fan of blended spices in a jar- they always make me feel like I’m taking the quick old el taco everything-in-one-packet route. However, this blend of spices (i’m 100% sure there’s cumin in there.. though all the others are unidentifiable at present) is super tasty when added to pretty much anything (and everything I’ve been eating for the past couple of weeks), especially guacamole. Found on my parisian landlord’s spice shelf- this condiment could easily replace all my other favourites.

3. cuillÈres en chocolat (Chocolate spoons)

I’ll have a lifetime supply of these please. The only downside I can foresee is possible melted chocolate hands. Whatevs.

4. an electronic food slicer

First impressions of this kind of machine are that it’s not necessarily as exciting as other fancy kitchen tools. But once you try using it, you’ll quickly change your mind. It makes cutting and slicing (and i guess you could also peel things?) so much more fun. Neeeeeeoooowww (the mandatory noise to make when the saw slices through something)!

P.s. My birthday’s not too far away.