This weekend/TODAY the boy and I are travelling to London for an adventure. What initially started off as a trip just to see the exciting show (I love musicals, big whoop, wanna fight about it?) … MATILDA THE MUSICAL, has now turned into a whirl wind romance with London’s tasty eateries, or so I hope. Can you plan to have a whirl wind romance?

Seriously, I’mma gonna try to fit in SOOO many food experiences this weekend, the two lovely london friends that I am AWESOMELY excited to see will probably only be sharing stories with me across an eating table of sorts. What do you call those again? TROUGHS?

Our list was put together from a mixture of recommendations, a serious need for an injection of some BBQ in our lives, and general wantings of new food experiences. AND SO, here are the places we plan on visiting during our 45 hour stay:

The meaty goodness of

Surprises galore at

Old school glamour, or so I hear, at

Pig for breakfast, and plenty of it, at

Check back soon for some glorious photos and details of what will have been 2 BEAUTIFUL londonful days!


Disclaimer: I have since found out that The Wolseley does not, I REPEAT, DOES NOT, allow photography. Total bummer. I’ll try my best guys but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to deliver many, if any, tantalising photos of the sure to be TASTY good times. Sigh.

But let me leave you on some kind of a British “photographic” (read: pretty pictures) note.

Dontcha love a good food flag?

This one I’m not so set on. But hey, we gotta let the Kate lovers rave on, don’t we? At least it’s on theme.


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