Gadgets Galore

I’m not really sure if a salad leaf spinner is ever at the top of anyone’s Christmas lists, but if you’re looking to replace one or just get a fancier one- check out this Zyliss salad spinner.

yes, i was THAT person in the store taking plenty of photos of kitchenware..

Gone are the days of having to physically turn a handle round and round and essentially “whisk” the water off your salad leaves- hey presto, all you need to do now is press this lever down and it does the entire laborious handle turning for you in one swift movement- hooray!

AND, the lever collapses into the lid so it’s not this random awkward thing that you’re not even able to stack things on. (double hooray!)


Bouillon de boeuf

All this cold weather is really making me wish I knew how to properly make a really hearty, salty, scrumptiously warm and tasty bouillon.

Both my friend and I ordered this wonderful bouillon (basically an awesome stew) from “Le Comptoir” in Paris one evening- with tender chunks of beef cheek, really fresh tasting pieces of macaroni pasta and chunks of vegetables (including pearl onions- YES.) all sitting in this red wine reduction/beef stock mixture that just oozed comfort on a balmy August evening in Paris.

I still don’t even know how we got a table there, every time I’ve ever passed by it’s always jam packed to the max.

But back to the point, I’d really like some a tha’ stew please.