Wallpaper Wednesday

So lookay here papa beaarr (hey, in my mind that definitely rhymed) .

In another addition to what’s happening in 2k12, I’ve decided to delve into the deep realms that is the PHOTOS folder on desktop (food related sub folder only though) and offer weekly wallpaper images for yizzer own computer if it takes your fancy?

Wow, see, look, we could match! Really though, it is a rare moment that my desktop wallpaper diverts from something food related.

I think the idea when I see these images wherever may they came from on th’internet was that they were either bemusing/adorable/drool-worthy/tempting/delicious-looking/edging towards food pornography/or just plain food funny.

First stop:

Organise my fruit, won’t you?

From this gentleman at http://fransson.tumblr.com/


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