Ok, so now that we’ve gotten that awkward oh my gosh it’s been too long sorry I never wrote or called MOMENT out of the way, it’s time to discuss TWOTHOUSANDANDTWELVE, sometimes fondly shortened to just simply 2012.

Now this is far less of a guesssss where I just ate post and more of a brain dump of ideas and personal inspirational for the coming year.


  • Should be exciting and new and hopeful and persistent
  • Should involve many more trips to new restaurants/cafés/and general feeding and drinking establishments
  • Should have much more cooking (say hello to a slightly still hopeful New Year’s resolution). I’ve started/joined a cooking club with my bessie mates. I find it’s not that I don’t cook; it’s just that I don’t cook different things.
  • Should have better photos taken of the mostly very attractive food I eat. ***wishing really hard for a free fancy camera***
  • Should mean making use of my heavily laden down two shelves of cookbooks (see point 3 for inspiration)

SO HERE’S TO 2012 (from February onwards obv) … maybe not such a great start so far….


And here’s a picture of a tempting and drool-worthy brunch, just to top the morning off.


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