Hello Hiatus

Or rather, that should be goodbye hiatus… no?

Either way, I’m back from a “short” spell that included: summer, graduation, a new job, Christmas, a newer job and FOOD FOOD FOOD. Not necessarily in that order. And probably not prioritised correctly either.


Let’s pretend that it hasn’t been so long. Let’s pretend that I’m not such a bad blogger and that I haven’t posted in 6 odd months. How does that sound?


Let’s ease ourselves back into this shall we?

Simple stuff.

I went to dinner last week.

Fancy stuff.

Well, sort of.

My mother (do you ever find you refer to people in a far more formal way on th’internet then you ever would otherwise?) is leaving has left the country to go on a fun (debatable: wait and see), 8 week long, retreat in Spain. Did I mention that it’s a vegan friendly, wait no, vegan ONLY diet retreat.

What now?

My thoughts exactly.

Second thoughts that came to mind: what should the last meal of a woman, on her way to what is my own personal living hell, be?


You heard it.

Rather, you read it.


I’ve been there once before. (Gosh that sounds very dramatic doesn’t? Or may it’s just my over use of punctuation..)

This isn’t going to be a compare and contrast of my two times there.


Because I chose to get the exact same thing each time. I suppose that’s probably a good sign.

Oh gosh, lookatthat, I better stop writing and show you some photos.

Now lookey here. This is gonna be pretty straight forward. It’s a steakhouse. It’s an upscale, upmarket steakhouse, but a steakhouse none the less.

Anyway, let’s have a quick looksey at the meaty goodness (emphasis on the meat, dairy and … other omnivore friendly ingredients).

Our appetisers:

Carpaccio of Fillet Steak, mustard dressing

The meat was sliver-y and delicate. The sauce avoided being too creamy with a hint of mustardy hotness. It was a light dish but still gave you a satisfying feeling that sometimes you can just miss out on when you have a salad style appetiser. A classic carpaccio of beef.

Asparagus, sauce hollandaise

The hollandaise sauce was tart and creamy and tasted exactly right. The asparaguses were cooked to that soft but with a bit of a bite level. A similar story here as with the carpaccio, classic and done so well.

Cocktail of Fresh Langoustines, sauce Marie Rose

Details to remember: although the camera work on that last photo is POOR (that’s my thumb). I think we can all appreciate how nice it is when your squeezey lemon comes pre-muslined for you, non?


Caps are definitely necessary here.

8 oz Fillet of Irish Beef, Sauce Béarnaise

MY rather glorious side order of MPW’s Onion Rings

So, realistically there is a little bit of a difference between both times I ate here. It seems, at lunch your steak is accompanied with a roasted tomato, whereas at dinner, it comes with a stack of pont neuf frites. Which is basically French for creating a fort with your chips.

Both are pleasing. Actually, as good as the chips (gosh, I was really tempted to say French fries there for some reason..) were, which was crunchy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside-so-salty-and-tasty kind of good, that tomato was wonderfully seasoned and crispy, which I really wasn’t expecting. Sometimes I find the veggies can really be overlooked in steakhouses.

As for desserts:

Eton Mess

The Eton mess was gooey and crunchy and sweet. Because the cream wasn’t kablammy full of sugar it all balanced out delightfully.  A very successful, not overly filling and heavy, end of meal, dessert.

Crème Brûlée

Sticky Toffee Pudding with clotted cream

I wasn’t allowed tried either of the other two desserts. I was just about given the 5 second gap to take a quick photo. Judging by the delicious happy eating noises though, they both seemed to have followed through with the aul “looks as good as it tastes” lark. Happy days!

Hey ho, here we go! So, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing particulary EXCITING. But delicious? Yes.

Really though,  let’s all just say what we’re thinking. Those dessert plates..?? I know. Cute, but definitely um, a bit mumsy cute, aren’t they? I can’t decide if I find it confusingly bemusing or adorable.

All in all, it’s a great menu. A decidedly very eighties menu, and if not at times a little cutsey for my steakhouse tastes (READ: those plates??) but, if it ain’t broke.. why fix it?

And golly, I forgot the most important part. Those steaks were dynamite. Crunchy, seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth, cooked rare bites of amazement.

Definitely a great send off to Vegan Land.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill, 51 Dawson Street, Dublin



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