I’ve been writing essays for weeks on end.

Scratch that, I’ve been trying to write AN essay for the past couple of days and have finally finished it and handed it in. YES.

During the essay season it’s hard to take forever making your meals without feeling like you’re seriously just procrastinating. Case in point- deciding that stock cubes or store bought foods are no longer handy feeds but horribly bad bad BAD for you (and it’s important what you eat, you’re studying) and so commences the crazy “I must go to mister butcher first and ask him for many things for to make my stock for to then make my complex meal containing at least 6 different components and colours”.

No, things must be quick and snappy.

I present to you a mish-mash of my American Christmas care package:

Mac & Cheese with dosings of RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Truly an awesome combination. Super quick to make.



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