Hubble bubble

Disclaimer: This post may have a slight Blue Peter feel about it. If this upsets you, don’t read on. Also, don’t even ATTEMPT to make any of these unless you are wearing a suitably punny food-themed costume.

Halloween Party food on the cheap

Bloody popcorn

Easiest and cheapest AND quickest to make. What more could you ask for. Make/buy popcorn in the usual way. Douse popcorn with paprika. Using a toothbrush, splatter popcorn with red food colouring. Done.

Toffee/chocolate apples

Push the lolly stick in first or it can be tricky to dip. And don’t forget to wash your apples.

Few ways to make these. Easiest way is obviously to skip the toffee altogether and just dip the apples in melted chocolate. Or you can drop a tin or two of condensed milk (don’t open the tin) into water and boil for 90 mins to make a soft caramel. Pour the contents over the apples and roll them in chopped nuts. Done.

But if you’re not into those cheating ways, a full recipe can be found here.

Severed finger dips

Buy/make favourite dips. Scrub carrots, and slice out a tiny wedge about an inch from the top. Shove an almond into the wedge so it looks like a nail. Stick carrots/fingers into dip. Done.

Cinnamon spiderweb fritters

Make pancake batter. Transfer to piping bag. Pipe onto hot pan in spiderweb shape. Douse with cinnamon and icing sugar. Garnish with jelly spiders. Done.

And finally…

A lil sumin sumin to get ya in the mood


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