Can we tin it? Yes we can

The invention of the canning process revolutionized the food industry. It was invented in France in 1795 by Nicholas Appert, who was determined to win the prize of 12,000 francs offered by Napoleon for a way to prevent military food supplies from spoiling. He used glass jars sealed with pitch, and filled them with vegetables and meat. Ya know, normal stuff.

That was then, this is now.

If you can dream it, we can can it

Pork Brain in Milk Gravy

Pork Brain and milk gravy, a classic combination. The canning process allows the delicate flavours to slowly infuse, resulting in an unctuous cocktail. Sure, it has 1170% of your daily recommended cholesterol intake, but it looks so utterly delicious that I think we’d all be prepared to ignore that. Have to treat yourself occasionally, live a little etc.

Canned Russian Herring

Mmm… crunchy. I don’t know what looks more appetizing, the razor-sharp teeth or the grey bile they’re floating in.

Canned possum in Coon Fat Gravy

Hey maw, you gone done got us some dayum good possum. I do hope this one is a joke.

Whole canned chicken

This one’s a real store cupboard necessity. You never know when you’ll need a whole chicken, so I’d recommend getting in a few cans just to have on hand, in case of unexpected guests or someone important dropping by.


A paradigm of the genre. But as the saying goes, when life give you cheeseburgers, can them and you’ll be able to eat them whenever you want for the next two years. Yummers.


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