Spud U Like

The age of celebrity chefs is over, and Come Dine with Me is now the best thing on foodie tv.  Enough of Nigel Slater and his pretentious cooking in allotments, pseudo-sexy Rachel Allen and her bland brand, Anthony Worral-Thompson and his constant snivelling. Nobody cares. It’s boring.

Instead, people want to see average sort of folk dropping the meringue and covering the burnt bit in gravy and forgetting to buy cloves.

If you haven’t seen it, the central concept of the show is that five strangers take it in turns to host a dinner party. After each party, the four guests rate the host, and whoever gets the highest rating in the end wins a grand.

In such a dinner party charged atmosphere, who could help but get caught up in the magic of cookery one-upmanship? And so, a group of my friends have decided to host a Come Dine with Me themed night… with an Irish slant, obviously.

Their night is called

Come Spud With Me

The general concept is pretty similar, with each member of the group required to cook some form of potato dish and provide entertainment. Each is then secretly rated. The winner is then lauded and the loser ostracized forever.

I’ve a feeling it will catch on.


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